Be The Change is a bridge connecting the online, invisible software company and the local world we live in. It is Think Globally, Act Locally in action.

Our passion has always been to help shape the cities of the future. Be The Change is the expression, the execution of that desire.

How it works

The citizen.e business model is simple. We collect data from citizens using our own super-cool, funky, sentiment discovery tools which is then analyzed by machines and human beings to produce insights, which we offer to city leaders as a monthly subscription.

Be the Change is simple. For each Euro we bill our customers we allocate a proportion to a local project, from the city where we collected the data.

It could be new shirts for the kid’s hockey team, money for the renovation of a much-loved garden which has fallen into disrepair or sponsorship of carbon-neutral leaf collectors.

We’re apolitical and neutral about the uses, what we care about is supporting local initiatives.

The details

We provide real-time updates of progress towards goals through our web-based dashboards and apps along with the rest of our publicly available insights sets.

For more information on how to get involved in your city get in touch.

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