More than numbers

We are a company that believes in conversation as much as numbers.

There’s more inside the intermission, the soft echo of the data that builds our understanding of the world, which we rarely see in reports because it’s spoken.

We want to live in smart cities where technology meets our demands but try to understand there is no wheel without the stone, and leaders don’t want to make civic decisions alone. The information gap is closing and what’s rising is a public body of informed and engaged citizens.



Your fears of privacy exist because it happens in the dark - your clicks are counted, interests noted, retention rate measured, skipped videos compared to ones you show to your friends and based on this you see advertised products. Voila! Your personalized recommendation engine that you didn’t know was running. It’s understandable we have issues around data privacy.


What we do

We collect data, but the right kind - the kind you explicitly give us, anonymously. citizen.e is a sentiment discovery platform for citizens to express how they feel about the cities they live in today and to help leaders make decisions for a better city tomorrow.



The voting booth is not enough, and neither are the demonstrations that invariably follow afterwards. A sustainable process for making decisions must integrate ongoing feedback and participation.

A future where we survive is built on more than commerce and social media, at its core is the philosophy that the decisions we make today are a consequence for and therefore must protect and empower the next generation.


Get involved

The citizen.e app for iOS is the best listener you’ve ever met.

Download the app and have your say

It’s free and totally anonymous.