Feedback Stories

A fundamentally better way of asking questions


Feedback Stories are designed to capture how participants feel about the questions being asked of them. But all surveys work that way, right?

Kind of. Well, no, not really.

Traditional survey tools provoke knee-jerk reactions. The possible answers to the questions are in the form of 1-5 or 0-10 radio buttons and the participant has already made their mind up by the time they're read the question.

No thinking happens.

And that's bad if you do care what someone actually thinks about what you're asking them.

To Solve this problem we built Feedback Stories, a suite of tools designed with a singular purpose: make the participant pause, blink, think before they answer. This is where the value in our data comes from.

They are designed to be frictionless, fun to use and create an experience that is conversational and as rewarding for the participant as much as the organization asking the questions.