CITIZEN.E Participants

(for iPhone)


Step 1 - Download the CITIZEN.E App

Goto the App Store and search for Citizen-e or click this link if you're reading this page on an iPhone.

Step 2 - Survey Time

The CITIZEN.E survey is about digital services (things like access to civic services on your phone) and smart cities (where technology makes your life easier) :

  • How you feel about the digital services provided by your civic authorities today?

  • How smart your city is today?

  • What you want you city to look like in the future?

  • How you feel about the value you get from digital services in exchange for the privacy data you share?

The process looks like this.

Depending on your location you may see an additional question about a topic relevant to your city.

CITIZEN.E uses Emotion Maps, a new way of capturing sentiment, for more info on how to use them tools click here.

Step 3 - All done, make a note of your redemption code and get paid

You get paid for sharing your Smart City DNA result on Facebook, don’t forget to tap the Share button on this screen.


Once you've completed the survey and shared the results you will be able to access your redemption code.