The Human Internet

New Rulers

AI and machine learning are ruling our digital life.

Our navigation and search behaviour with our social preferences and selections, enriched with our demoscopic attributes and millions of other information nuggets are the core ingredients for the secret sauce of Facebook, Google and others. 

As a result we get a personalised view of the world where things we don’t like or want are erased and things we favour are promoted and featured. And in all this we have no direct feedback possibility. 

Even if we want to express our opinion there are just a few ways to do this: we can like our content, add a comment, rate a product or service with 5 stars or participate in a survey. And 99,999% of us don’t like to do that. 

More Than Numbers

There is no qualitative human review to the quantitive collected opinion of the machine.

We are missing an approach to express in an easy, playful, but still valuable way what we think and even more importantly, how we feel about things. 

That approach would enable a human internet and lead to a conversation instead of accepting a filtered world defined by a black box.


Dirk Ahlrichs
Chief Product Officer
[email protected]
March 7, 2018