Smart Cities

One day we will all live in a smart city. Easier paths to work, services available to us when we need them, everything designed to make our lives easier.

Part of the smart city idea is understanding from citizen's their requirements, their needs. The Smart Cities Emotion Map & Multi-Actor Emotion Map offer participants the opportunity to describe how they feel today and what they would like to see built in the future to reach these goals.


Citizen Services

The increasing number of services we consume in digital form are a clear sign that the world is changing. Technology adoption is a complex area but assuming cultural boundaries are respected adoption generally comes down to whether an innovation saves us either time or money.

Citizen Digital Services generally fall into the saving time category; registering a birth, applying for an event, reporting a pothole, paying a parking fine; you get the idea.

What the Citizen Services Emotion Map & Sentiment Tags try to understand is the value of these services in combination with the likelihood that we will advocate to others their use, a key criteria in the diffusion of innovations.

Citizen Privacy

As consumers of Facebook, Twitter, Google, almost any free service which relies on advertising we make a deal every day where we evaluate the value of the data we share with these large services with the value of the service to us.

Citizen Digital Services are no different, they must prove to us that they provide sufficient value in exchange for the data we share with them. The Citizen Privacy Emotion Map & Sentiment Tags offer participants the opportunity to describe the value in combination with the likelihood that we will share more or less data with civic organisations in the future.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.31.06.png

Emotion Maps & Sentiment Tags

Emotion Maps ask two questions on a two dimensional grid. The participant considers both questions and selects a tile on the grid which represents how they feel.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.31.17.png

Sentiment Tags are the Why to the Emotion Map How. The content of the tags is dependent on the location of the Emotion Map selection.