The first step in sustainable community development is understanding the needs of the community.

Talk, Listen, Understand

citizen.e is based on a single assumption - give people a better way to express themselves and they will think and then tell you how they feel.

The citizen.e app for iOS is the best listener you’ve ever met. It captures thoughtful, nuanced expression in a snap and the user has fun as they go. Take a look at the video and you’ll understand why.

We are focussed on a single topic, how we feel about the changes happening in the cities we live in today and what we want to see in them tomorrow.


Advocate Program

The citizen.e advocates program is a way for influencers and activists to get involved in the project. It’s as simple as placing a badge on your feed, blog or page.

In return we will share with you a live dashboard of our custom metrics and insights into the data as our journalists discover them.


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