Munich - City Sentiments

When asked to prioritize what they would like to see built in their city, imagining themselves in the role of a city manager, Munich citizens have some interesting opinions, take a look.

Innovations - Priority

What is this chart showing me?
This chart illustrates how the citizens of Chicago feel about their city of the future by placing them in the role of a city manager and asking them how to prioritize different types of innovation.

The scores are the citizen.e Value & Usage indexes for Information Services, Civic Services, Transportation, Digital Infrastructure and Sustainability.

Scores greater than 5 are positive.

Riverwalk - Segments

What is this chart showing me?
One of the questions we’ve asked in Chicago is how citizens feel about the Riverwalk project; how often they use it? and what value it’s added to the city?

We break the responses into segments.

citizen.e segments opinions into four groups where Adopters are users who embrace new things are likely advocate for their use.

Rejectors are the opposite and Believers & Doubters have issues with either the value of a new idea or are not confident enough to recommend them to others.

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Is there more data?

Long story short, yes.

The citizen.e data is exposed in three places:

1) City extracts, the page you’re reading right now. Check out our other live projects.

2) We produce insights reports from city, country and global perspectives regularly. Download our Global Citizen Survey to get an idea.

3) Live and full access to the citizen.e data is available through a Google Sheets application.