Today's cities face unprecedented challenges.

How to best implement technology to meet the demands of a growing population and create the smart cities we and our children will live in.

Today's citizens care about everything and they will go to twitter or Facebook before they reach out to you.


In 2019 being informed about how your citizens feel by a social media platform is not an option. At best, it's reactive and you have no control of the conversation.

Turning to old-world market research is expensive, slow and does not start a dialogue with your citizens.


The future is a continuous conversation you own with the people in your communities that enable you to act.


citizen.e is a turnkey sentiment research solution for the public sector. We handle all the moving parts, from acquiring survey participants to delivering data journalism and everything in-between.

Think of us as a magic box of smart software and smarter human beings working together, designed to discover the insights you need with minimal effort at a price point that works for you.

citizen.e, at its heart, is simply a much better way of asking questions and understanding the data gathered. The insights from the SAP Hybris Global Citizen Survey were available in days, it would have taken weeks or months at a high cost with other approaches. It’s the future of sentiment research.
— Kathleen O'Brien Global Industry Principal, SAP Customer Experience

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